Friday, 29 October 2010

Football charity dinner necklace finished!

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The necklace I promised for the raffle/auction at the Scottish Football Hall of Fame Awards Dinner next month is complete and with the promoters Blog the Daily Mail. I'm rather pleased with it - the official blah below will also be on my website just as soon as I can get the control panel to accept my password and upload the pages :(

Meanwhile, since I'm feeling rather enthused about it, thought I'd describe it properly here.

It's a modular system - the catch & connector part can accept up to 3, 5 or 10 strands depending on the connector.  Strands can be made up of any combination of pearls, Swarovski, semi-precious pebbles etc, and then fasten to the connector with tiny lobster catches.  The strands can be left separate, plaited or twisted, and each is long enough to be worn as a choker in its own right.

The connection module is sterling silver and costs £15-£20 depending on the size of the connectors.  Strands start at £10.

Adaptable interchangeable modular necklace may be worn with one, two or three strands, which in turn may be left separate, plaited, twisted, or even strung end-to-end. Each strand can also be worn individually as a choker. Additional strands can be made to order by the designer in a near-infinite variety of semi-precious gemstones, pearls and Swarovski crystals. Five- and ten-strand variations are also available.

This example combines large fresh-water pearls, vintage Chinese silk-wrapped beads, Swarovski and Czech crystals with metallic Miyuki cubes and glass rocaille. Sterling silver round spring catch and chain with tiny puffed heart, three-way connectors and mini-lobster catches.

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